Technology's Effect On The Negative Effects Of Technology

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Negative effects of technology are affecting the world in many ways. Though mankind has achieved victory by inventing technologies taking it to a new level. One of the most affective invention is the invention of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is the pride of any nation which gives the security of a nation. The nation feels secured with the nuclear power it has. It is invented with good intention to protect themselves. However these inventions pave way too many other illegal activities resulting in wars. For instances the efforts made for the benefit of the nations and being used in wrong way by wrong people. If we take the recent bomb blasts of Paris, the people were killed for no reason and all the nuclear explosions are used. These wrong…show more content…
An author Patti Smith once mentioned “Please, no matter how we advance technologically, please don't abandon the book. There is nothing in our material world more beautiful than the book." This sentence shows how the technology is ruining the child’s brain .The technology is meant for the brain development of a child. But it is affecting the child in such a way that the children are focused towards using technology in their studies rather than exploring themselves. For instance, to write an essay on a particular subject the children are running towards the net to browse that topic rather than think themselves or take an advice from elders. I have a fine example for this. In order to see how a plant grows from a seed, we were asked to sow some seeds in the yard, pour water daily and then check after some time to see if a plant starts growing. We would see a plant growing after few days and observe the life of the plant. Probably then we would write a note on how we ended up growing a small plant in back yard. This gains interest in the kid. This leads to many such discoveries in the future. Now a day’s education system has changed so much that if kids are asked to do the same above work, they would browse for the process, probably collect some pictures right from sowing the seed to growing a plant. How would this help the children in knowing about science? This stops them from being practical. They don’t try to think by themselves at all. They cannot explore new techniques in subjects. Well all the great scientists did not browse like this. They experimented, explored and then invented so many things. If technology is being used in wrong way by the educational institutions how they would teach their kids in learning things by themselves. So I feel this is effecting the future generation from stopping them to think wisely in all modes of life. If this is helping the kid to gain

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