Technology's Impact On Everyday Lives

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Recent studies have shown there is no doubt that technology has an impact on our everyday lives. We are constantly using technology from the workplace to standing in line in a store, to transportation, to house cleaning, etc. . Playing a vital role in our everyday lives, technology serves to improve our lives in every way. Moreover, technology not only plays a role in our own lives, but technology has increasingly grown in the education sector. Some people recognize the positive influences that technology brings to students’ learning arena, while others argue that technology will hinder the learning process. The advancement of technology paints a brighter future for our students because the advancement of technology is a tool for teachers to put in place new ways of learning that are accessible and beneficial for students.
Especially in the 21st century, technology plays a significant role in a student’s life. There are definitely positive and negative impacts for a student engaged in technology. First, recent studies indicate a positive correlation between students using technology and their educational success. Take the example of texting on the cell phone. The majority of us will readily agree that texting on a cell phone is negatively affecting students academically. But looking deeper, texting on a cell phone is actually seen as a beneficial tool in encouraging students to write more. As Cullington argues, “texting is a good way to motivate students: teens enjoy
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