Technology's Influence On My Identity

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Identity is something everybody evolves over our life time. It is self defined and is based off many factors like interests, beliefs, experiences, religion, etc. Aspects I find intriguing, challenging, and significant are, how much memories contributes to who we are, how much technology can influence to my identity, and the significance of intelligence. Each aspect plays a great role to who I am today and it will show how it affects me today. First, the memories that makes us who we are. Whether the memory is good or bad it makes me who I am today. Though the good ones help make the better person of who we are today, the bad memories can take a big effect on who we are too. An article called " Would it be ethical to implant false memories" by Robert Nash, states " But for many people, the most unsettling idea was that planting false memories would rob us of our free will and authenticity-our personalities would no longer be genuine, our life decisions no longer truly ours"(Nash). Stating that even though the memories are fake it can change who we are dramatically. I find it very intriguing to see how memories makes a big part of who I am and how dramatic it can change who I am.…show more content…
Social media is used for many different reasons but it also influences who I am. There are many different things on social media like, what is trending and seeing negativity. An article by Jim Taylor states "The problem is that the self-identity that is shaped by popular culture serves its own best interests rather than what is best for us"(Taylor). It shows that social media helps influence us to believe what the social norm is and what is best for us. Being on social media definitely is challenging because it is hard to know if something is socially acceptable or not. It makes me think if I am not in the trend of something it is not the social
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