Technophobia And Technology

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Nowadays, with the increase in the use of technology everywhere, people started to fear that technology might someday rule the world. For instance, several schools are now using laptops instead of books. They basically started distributing laptops that have the entire course notes downloaded on it. This was done in order to avoid sending the students carrying heavy backpacks with all the books to the schools. This is indeed a very effective way of teaching as it basically saves time, paper and many more. However, there are people who do not consider it studying if they do not carry many heavy books.
According to Jensen et al., (2002), they believed that the performance of the students can be improved progressively if the usage of technology is permitted in the classes. Conversely, a study pointed out that most of the student technophobes are those who are impressively interested in the three science subjects; chemistry, physics and biology (p. 362). Despite the fact that most of the schools and universities use technology in almost every aspect, there are some students who dislike technology as they consider themselves computer illiterates (p. 362). Therefore, this proves that studying with the use of a laptop is useful. But, not for those who are against technology.
Technophobia is not something new that has been introduced out of nowhere. If you go back to the early centuries when technology was first introduced, you can see that technophobia followed it directly. For
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