Tecumseh Act Of Valor Analysis

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Connections Between Tecumseh’s Quote and I
Through the many years of the American Revolutionary War and as the leader of the Shawnee native tribe, Chief Tecumseh’s has acquired much wisdom and offers this to others in the poem Act of Valor (University, 2000). This insightful quote by Tecumseh tells its readers not to have any regrets when death awaits them. This passage speaks to me as it talks about being guiltless, grateful, and acceptance to the forthcoming events in our lives.
To begin with, Tecumseh has nothing to feel guilty for with the choices he has made in his life. He emphasizes the importance of not discriminating against any religion nor having any prejudices so that one would not regret their decisions and actions afterwards. As stated, “trouble no one about their religion” and “respect others in their view”, overall acknowledging that everyone is treated just and fairly. Furthermore, Tecumseh speaks about death as though another stage in his life as he says that it will “come your time to die” and how one should have nothing to fear when this happens. This is relatable to me as it conveys that if one has done
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Multiple times he is thankful for the simplest things that life has to offer such as to “arise in the morning”, and the “joy of living”. He emphasizes the aspect of cherishing everything that life has given even if they are ordinary and do not impact us. This connects to me as it conveys the message that one’s life has been granted many privileges, whether tangible or intangible, and one should treasure them deeply before their presences are gone. As it will then be too late and we will regret not truly valuing them.
In conclusion, Tecumseh tells the readers of his quote to not regret their choices in life when death comes to part them. This is proven by the three themes of not being guilty, acceptance of death, and being grateful for the privileges one has in their
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