Tecumseh Leadership Skills

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“Sell a country! Why not sell the air, the clouds, and the great sea, as well as the earth? Did not the Great Spirit make them all for the use of his children?” This quote describes when the colonies wanted to kill the American Indians that settled in part of America so they could expand east from west and colonize. Tecumseh says this because the great spirit didn’t make the country of united states for the Indian Americans, both elderly and infants to be killed and taken away from their homes. This quote is one of Tecumseh's most famous quotes. Tecumseh's leadership skills save the American Indians from genocide.Tecumseh leaderships skills were being a brave young kid who turned into a warrior that wouldn’t back down from war. The name Tecumseh means “ goes from one place to another”. Tecumseh was always surrounded by warfare as a youth because his family…show more content…
The government won a couple battles that took over their homeland.”The Indians, badly outnumbered, suffered a crushing defeat, made worse by the failure of promised aid from the British. The British offered aid to Tecumseh and his American Indian people”. Tecumseh took no negotiations with them which then led to another battle called Fallen Timbers. The Indians decided to rebuild their land in the southern Ohio part. At the end of this, he was considered and became an “influential young war chief with a growing following many of the younger, more anti-American warriors. “On one such occasion, following a panic by white settlers who had abandoned their farms in the wake of Indian attacks, he spoke calmly and eloquently to assembled whites, assuring them that the Indians intended to abide by the Treaty of Greenville and wished to live in peace”(Discovering Multicultural America). Tecumseh was able to negotiate a treaty with the Americans that would let them live in their homes with
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