Tecumseh's Speech Analysis

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Tecumseh reference to “brothers” and brotherhood in his speech. Why does he give such emphasis, at that historical moment, upon fraternity and unity? Use examples from the speech to support your analysis. I feel Tecumseh emphasis to the word” brothers” to show love, power, and emotion toward the people or the reader. It shows unity. It makes the reader more interested to hear the word brother it makes the reader feel more empathy. At this historical moment the word brother is used to show strength to encourage everyone to get along and make something happen. With the Europeans coming over to the native Indians in taking over their land they are already upset because they feel as though they are being taken advantage of. As…show more content…
What examples does he provide to support his logic in the sermon? What connections can you make between the logic of the sermon and Edwards’ relentlessness? Use examples from the speech to support your analysis. I feel Jonathan Edwards main argument in this sermon is since we are born into sin we are all damned to go to hell. No matter what your thoughts, feelings, or relious beliefs are Edwards feels that God is mad with everyone and we are going to hell. As stated in the text” They are already under a Sentence of Condemn to Hell. They don’t only justly deserve to be cast down thither; but the Sentence of the Law of God, that eternal and immutable Rule of Righteousness that God has fixed between him and Man-kind, is gone out against them, and stands against them; so that they are bound over already to Hell.” In a way I understand what Edward is saying. We are born into sin but god gives us the choice to show him if we want to go to heaven or hell. We know what’s wrong or right good or bad. In feel God understand we are only human and we make mistake but God gave his only son so we can repent and do a better job at pleasing him. So we don’t have to be condemn to hell. It also tell us we are not to judge people and condemning everyone to hell because of your own personal reason is doing just
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