Tecumseh's Speech To The Osages

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Take Back Our land: Tecumseh Speech to the Osages “We must be united” was the plea from Tecumseh to the Osage tribe. In 1811, Tecumseh, known as the “Greatest Indian”, gave a speech pleading with the Osage tribe that they should unite together to fight against the white man (Tecumseh, 231). He goes on to tell how they had given the white man everything they needed to recover health when they entered their land but in return the white man had become the enemy. The speech to the Osages by Tecumseh illustrates the dangers of the white men to the Indian tribes, and why the tribes should unite together against the white man. Tecumseh wants to create a harmonious environment in this speech between his tribe, and the tribe of the Osages. He…show more content…
He does this by referring to the white men as “poisonous serpents” (Tecumseh, 232). Tecumseh shares the experiences that they had with the Europeans. The white men had asked for land sufficient for a wigwam, but how they turned greedy and the land was not enough for them (Tecumseh, 233). He warns the tribes of the harm the whites can do by causing them to separate. He wants the tribes to fear the whites and uses more metaphors like referring to them as white runners who are “devastating winds” and “rushing waters” (Tecumseh, 233). This reference gives the audience the impression of malicious acts that the white people has brought upon the tribes and what will happen if they don’t unite together and fight back. Tecumseh also warns that the only time the settlers will ever be at peace, will be at the “bosom of our mother” (Tecumseh, 233). Tecumseh is furious! He wants the tribes to feel what he is feeling. He explains to the tribes using historical facts about how the white men came into their existence. They came to their tribes and after being nursed back to health, the white man wanted some land. That wasn’t enough for them. Now they want a whole hunting ground. He is using this imagery to get his audience to understand that the white men are greedy. They are not happy and content with what the tribes have done for them. They want to take and take until the Indians have nothing
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