Ted Bundy: A Charmed Murderer

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Ted Bundy: A Charmed Murderer Introduction This paper will examine one specific deviant act so vial that the punishment can result in execution. Murder exists in our society in one form of another. Many people have mastermind the act of murder, and some have hidden disguises not even our own family members can identify. Traditional forms of murder can be detailed as simply as shooting another individual, or even stabbing another individual. Our society has taken for granted the act of murder because just about everything can be used as a weapon. Laws can be passed that restricts how we have access to dangerous weapons such as guns, but that cannot stop how we as humans choose to use the weapons. An ordinary man can walk into the local Wal-Mart and pass a background check to buy a gun, then that next hour he goes on a shooting rampage. There is no way of knowing who can be a murderer. This paper examines the life of one individual. One individual who grew up living a lie from his parents. Living a lie that turns him against all women. A lie that starts a massacre that effected so many victims. This individual believed that he had a loving family. A family that nurtured and supported him in all his choices. He then found out his family…show more content…
With over 30 victims killed, Ted took his time with his murders. Some even believe there are bodies that are yet to be found. Ted underwent many different identities in order to lure his victims. When Ted decided to represent himself in his trials, he wanted to lay down a fabricated story that would have persuaded the jurors to see why Ted should be dropped of the charges. As much as Ted tried, the jurors did not believe his stories, and he was found guilty. Ted’s mother didn’t want to believe his son had committed the horrible crimes. It took her ten years to not believe it, but at the morning of his execution, she just had no choice but to accept the real identity of her
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