Essay On Ted Bundy

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“What is one less person on the face of the earth, anyway?” This quote was said by Ted Bundy (Beale). He had no remorse of what he did, and felt no pain while doing so. Ted Bundy was born on November 24th 1946, and his star sign is Sagittarius. His real name was Theodore Robert Cowell and lived in vermont for most of his life. During his college years, he went to study law and psychology in Pennsylvania at Temple University, and later got a degree in psychology. Ted Bundy was one of the most psychotic serial killers of all time because of how he killed his victims, the insane psychological side of him, and how many he killed in total. Ted Bundy killed his victims in the most suspenseful and terrifying way. He would approach the young female…show more content…
Ted Bundy committed his first murder in 1974. He killed over 100 women, and those bodies are still not found today. He made it well known that he did love to kill, and his parents were in shock and had no idea that he was capable of this. Ted was imprisoned twice, and escaped both times. The first time, he escaped in Utah Prison by crawling out a small in his jail cell. The police did not even notice he was gone until 16 hours later, but it was too late because he was already miles away in Florida. The second escape, in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, he just walked out the front door and no one stopped him. During the time he was on the run, he stole a car, took a plane, and killed more women at florida university. Unfortunately, he got caught, and finally only admitted to 36 killings, out of one hundred. January 23rd 1989, only hours before he would not be alive anymore, Ted Bundy said he felt tranquil and that he did not feel guilt of what he had become, but said he did not want to die. On January 24th 1989 at 7:16 am, crowds set off fireworks and cheered outside the Florida State Prison, as Bundy was executed by the electric chair. He was only 42 years
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