Ted Cowell Biography Essay

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Theodore Robert Cowell; (known as Ted Bundy) November 24th 1946 and died January 24th 1989. Ted was a serial killer, kidnapper, rapist, and necrophiliac. (A&E Netwrok)
Early life- Ted was born at the Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers in Burlington Vermont. His birth father was never been determine. His birth mother Eleanor Louise Cowell lied to Ted for a portion of his life, she told him they were brother and sister. Ted grew up confused about his upbringing. He later learned the truth about his relationship to Louise. Louise had a violent life after she took Ted to live her parents; her father was bully and a racist. Ted told someone about his relationship with his grandfather, he said he “respected”, “clung to him”. Ted described his grandmother as being very timid and obedient. Louise later moved to Washington where she met John Bundy who adopted Ted. Although John tried to be a father figure to Ted he would always be distant with him. Ted was a very good kid aside from a few burglaries he was a bright
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He was an exceptional student for his young age and was liked by everybody around him, but as the years passed by his confidence faded and a darker side emerged from within him. By the time he was a teenager in high school he lost his charm and became a shy, mediocre student who couldn’t have a conversation with a stranger, much less a girl. He went to Stanford after high school, but dropped out a few years into it because of a break up with the supposed ‘love of his life’. As the next fall approached, Ted had enrolled in The University of Washington, with high hopes and transformed himself into an extraordinary honor student once again. He became increasingly involved in politics, and graduated from The University of Washington with a psychology degree. He was accepted into the University of Utah Law School right before he started killing girls
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