Ted Cruz: The Race To The Presidency

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This paper is dealing with the relevance of Ted Cruz’s race for presidency. I am going to cover a broad spectrum of things dealing with Ted Cruz. He is a very strong candidate for the President of the United States, and can bring plenty of great things to the table. This paper will hopefully serve as a useful informative about a great candidate for the chair in the oval office.
Ted Cruz: The Race to the Presidency Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz. Ted Cruz was born on a December 22, 1970. Teddy boy was born in the rural areas of Canada called Calgary. Ted’s family was living there because his parents were working in the oil industry. At the big boy age of 4 Ted Cruz and his family moved to Texas. Texas is where Ted graduated high school. After
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Ted does not believe in Obamacare. Ted Cruz is what I would call in my own words a die hard conservative. In 2012 Ted Cruz won the election to the United States Senate with the support of the Tea Party and took office the following year, going on to organize a governmental shutdown in opposition to Obamacare. In 2015, he announced that he was running for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. While holding the Senate floor, Cruz strived to convince his fellow politicians to cut funding for Obamacare. In his first two years as the senator of Texas, Senator Cruz had not only achieved an almost flawless voting record, he had also become the main conservative voice on a number of policy issues, spanning the complete field of influence from fiscal to social to foreign policy matters. Whether it was through floor speeches, media appearances, legislation and initiatives, or even harnessing the power of social media, Cruz led the front line for the conservative movement in fights pertaining to Obamacare, spending, guns, debt, immigration and foreign policy…show more content…
Don’t you agree? I’d like to go a few big goals that Ted Cruz has that he believes he will alleviate many of the issues in this great country. Ted Cruz wants to create as many jobs as humanly possible. This in turn will stimulate the economy. Ted Cruz thinks that we should do everything humanly possible to repeal Obamacare. I agree first and foremost because, It is a motivation killing system! People are going to live off of the government as long as the assistance is there. Ted Cruz wants to seal the border from the illegal immigrants that are coming in and destroying our economy. He wishes to hold the government accountable for all of their wrong doings. Ted Cruz wants to slow down government spending so that we as a nation can start working our way out of debt. Ted Cruz wants to eliminate ISIS and nuclear Iran! That’s a big one for sure! We need to take out the people who are trying to harm us! That would be a step that our man in the white house currently hasn’t
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