Ted Geisel's Most Famous Author: Dr. Seuss

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like growing up a little boy from Massachusetts and becoming one of the most famous authors ever? That was the life of Ted Geisel ( better known as Dr. Seuss) made for himself. Through his pure creativity, determination and kind mindset Ted grew up to become a teacher and author for children of all ages. In every piece of his life and career Seuss was an advocate for being yourself no matter what, which shows through the imaginativeness, grit and good will he displays.

Born in Springfield, Massachusetts 1904, on March 2,Theodor Seuss Geisel was just a curious young boy who thrived off of art, books, and animals. No one could have possibly known by the young life he lead that he would grow up to be one of the most famous authors to date (Pascal 3). To begin with, Theodor (often called Ted) always expressed his unique and creative mind through his art and writing. For example, young ted would often doodle animals and create a whole new creature based on an animal he most likely saw at the zoo that day. Geisel as a young child living in Springfield, surrounded by factories and super close to the library and the zoo ,would often go to the zoo after school. Going to the zoo was one of his favorite past times along with doodling.trying on costumes,singing around the piano with his family,exploring the green fields by the forest park and fooling around (Krull 7). Most of Teds early drawings were inspired by
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Seuss or Theodor Geisel was a role model and teacher showing the young and old that they should be true to themselves no matter what. Ted did what he loved no matter what people thought and succeeded greatly. His creativity, determination and kindness are key aspects that helped him become the author and teacher he didn't know he wanted to be. Theodor Geisel was a little boy with a lot of hobbies and no sight of a career path who grew up to be one of the best children's authors ever by following his
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