Ted Hughes Rhetorical Analysis

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People are most content when they feel as though they have achieved something, that to them, is important. Unfortunately, people often assume that what is important is what other people assume to be important. Therefore, people want to be recognized publicly for something they have achieved that is held as a higher worth above other achievements in the eyes of the public, such as trophies or awards. Throughout many people’s parenting experience an opinion is formed about the topic of participation trophies, different viewpoints say it is uplifting for their child while others say that it is degrading their child. However, I disagree with both sides. These trophies send the message that they don’t have to work hard, they can succeed in life even when they do not put the effort into it, and that they should look to society to judge them and tell them if they are a winner at something or losers. If these are not the…show more content…
This is a terrible message to send to those you love, they can be lazy, thoughtless, and not give your best effort for your team. On a team every person needs to participate with their best effort for the team to run smoothly. When you teach your child that they do not need to put their best effort in they don 't and they can no longer be team players because they do not put in their best effort. Team play is essential if you ever want to get a job in the real world, when trophies are handed out for disrespectful behavior and no team work we teach children it is acceptable to not have team work. In turn this can become a major problem as the child or children grow and cannot work well with other. This is a horrible message to send to our children we want them to be as successful as possible and they cannot be when they are not putting in there full
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