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The death of Ted Sanders shocked America. He was an icon, a symbol of charity. Ted Sanders was the creator of Omega Incorporated, the largest health and medical science corporation in the world. Ted and his team of scientists are known for making treatments and cures to hundreds of sicknesses and diseases. Ted was apparently dumped in the ocean after his death. The body has yet to been found. The police aren’t sure how he died, but I say he was murdered. Rumor has it that Omega has a secret partner organization known as the Syndicate. Apparently, Syndicate creates and spread diseases just so Omega can find a cure for them. Syndicate takes 50 percent of the money and if Omega refuses to cooperate, then Syndicate keeps creating diseases. Ted, who took over Omega 25 years ago, vowed to shut down Syndicate once and for all. The FBI never had enough evidence to charge Syndicate for its crimes so Ted was going to do it himself by creating a cure for RECNAC, the world’s deadliest disease created by Syndicate. Destroying the century long…show more content…
I can’t wait to buy a new house, but I should probably pay off my college loans first. I really do need to move out of my mom’s basement. Jeez Dave. Get your head in the game. You’re 25! Well I guess the basement isn’t that bad. It’s a lot of space, but I don’t want to be stuck in here forever. I should really try to ask my mom for money, but she’s always trying to teach me about responsibility and being independent. I’ve always wondered how she could afford a house like that, I means it’s just always been me and my mom. I never knew my dad and quite frankly, I don’t care. We’ve done fine without him and I’m pretty happy that I never knew him. The only sign that my father ever existed is this key chain that he left for me. My mom says he gave it to me when I was born. I also received a stuffed animal pig on my 25th birthday. The note on it says “love dad” but I’m pretty sure it was just a

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