Ted Talk A Color Brave Analysis

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In the TED Talk, “Color Blind or Color Brave?” by Mellody Hobson, she describes color blindness as a learned behavior where people pretend that they do not notice race. In her opinions, the practice of color blindness is wrong because people are ignoring the problem and it does not mean fairness. In fact, color blindness makes the issue even worse. As she mentions, “the first step to solving any problem is to not hide from it, and the first step to any form of action is awareness.”
Therefore, Mellody asks people to be color brave which is referred as having the real conversations about the race issue. She believes people have to be willing to have “proactive conversations with honesty and understanding and courage” because it is the “smart” thing to do since greater diversity makes the whole society better.
In my view, I agree with what Mellody talks about color blindness and color braveness. Ignoring the problem is never the way to solve for it. Only when facing the problem can we deal with it. Moreover, recognition of the existence of the problem leads people
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What she talks exactly happens in our daily life. And indeed, most of people are not color brave enough. Her talk becomes even more vivid. The more people are color brave, the more they maybe could be a little bit less concerned and more determined in the conversations about the race issue.
It is important to be color brave on campus. Our campus is made up of students with different educational background, culture, and race. People interact with each others. When students work as a group, they contribute their own unique thoughts, which speeds up the efficiency. The diversity of our students, in fact, is our advantage.
Anyway, just as Mellody says: “when we have a challenge, we take it head on, we don’t shrink away from it. We take a stand. We show courage.” So, right now, as students in college, we are all to be color
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