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There are many people out in the world that are acknowledged for their strengths, and torn down for their shortcomings. Some of these individuals are considered heroes, others are not. Ted Turner happens to be a perfect example. Turner known as an American media mogul, environmentalist, and philanthropist, has been seen as an inspiring, compassionate man that wants peace around the world. For other individuals, they seem to find Turner as a typical rich snob who is just donating money and some of his time to make him look more involved in helping the country. There always seem to be two sides to the story, but what’s the real truth about Ted Turner? Robert (Ted) Edward Turner III was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on November 19, 1938. From the…show more content…
While Turner was still in depression about the death, he began to make crazy acqusations for his new company.The many purchases he made over the years were questioned by many to why he ever did them. Turner wanted to live his father’s company up to his name, so he knew he had to step up his game in order for him to be successful. About five years after Turner took over the company, he turned it into a money maker. The company was known to be the largest advertising company in the southeast (Citation). Ted Turner worried about competition towards his company like radio and television stations because of the new technological advances being made in the country at this time. So Turner made a gutsy move by purchasing two television stations, that were both close to being shut down due to low business. One of the companies Turner purchased became an instant money maker for him, racking up one million dollars in a year. Keep in mind that the two purchased television stations by Turner was psychotic back then because few people were really into the new technology. Ted Turner seemed to change quite a few peoples view on it though. Then while all of this was going on with the television stations, Turner purchased two sports franchises, the Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Braves. Since business was going great for Turner through the years, he knew it was the right move for him. Let’s just take a minute and recap what has gone on in such little time. So, while being depressed and saddened about his fathers death, Turner expanded his company to be a multimillionaire business. He purchases two nationally wide television stations that were both close to bankruptcy, and was able to make each a multimillionaire company in the United States. Then he went on to purchase two sports organizations that were both doing very
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