Teddy Daniels Life In Prison Case Study

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Case Study
Edward “Teddy” Daniels is a man out for revenge. Years prior his wife was murdered by a man named Andrew Leaddis. In 1954 Daniels has the opportunity to get to Ashecliffe Hospital for the criminally insane where he believes Leaddis is imprisoned. During the investigation at the hospital for a woman who murdered her children for no apparent reason. Daniels becomes paranoid and loses trust in those around him. Daniels hears conversations with his partner and the warden about medicating Daniels as well as a possible lobotomy. He starts having dreams of his wife begging him to stop looking for Leaddis because he will not like what he finds. He also finds the missing woman who is constantly asking him for help hiding her dead children.
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He believes himself to be a world war two veteran who later joined the U.S Marshals. Other than the fact that his wife was murdered years prior by a man named Andrew Leaddis Daniels has lead a life of good will. His three children are alive and well, his family takes them in when he is required to travel for work.
Dr. Sheehan who is assigned to Leaddis proposes that the hospital plays along with the delusions of Teddy Daniels to attempt to break the delusion and safe him from a brain lobotomy. Dr. Sheehan poses as Daniels partner and tries to help him locate a missing patient who does not exists. Dr. Sheehan believes that by letting Daniels investigate what is going on around him he may find clues that will bring him back from his delusion and safe him from a brain lobotomy scheduled at the end of the book.
Daniels begins investigating the missing person and finds more than he barons for. During one of his altercations with his delusion of his wife, Daniels tries to tell his wife that he would never leave and that he loves her and she replies “I’m just bones in a box” (Lehane). The experiment helps Daniels finds clues in his mind that point to him being both Edward Daniels and Andrew Leaddis. Unable to except his actions as Andrew Leaddis he pretends that he does not know the two men are the same and walks himself into the
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