Theodore Roosevelt: The Best President

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The best president was Theodore Roosevelt. The four qualifications that justify this are: military experience, effective communication skills, large support for environmental conservation, and his ability to accomplish major goals and legislation from the beginning to the end of his presidency. Roosevelt was not a perfect president, but for being the youngest president at the time, he served in many political and military positions that made him a brilliant leader and one of the best U.S. presidents. A president who has former military experience provides valuable insight to strategy and diplomacy. Being a highly decorated war hero and former Assistant Secretary to the Navy made Roosevelt a prime choice for a president with military experience.…show more content…
Roosevelt was able to both give amazing speeches and accomplish the goals he spoke of throughout his time in office. Landing the position of presidency by chance after Mckinley’s assassination, Roosevelt felt responsible to follow the deceased president’s vision, “So not to upset a nation in mourning.” (“Theodore Roosevelt"). This was a encouraging start to Roosevelt 's presidency, reassuring the people there would not be any major changes. At the beginning of his presidency in 1902, the country was at risk of losing heat due to the coal strike and shortage. Roosevelt ended the strike by telling the miners and its owners that he would use the army to continue coal production. The president called this the Fair Deal (“Theodore Roosevelt”). After breaking up the coal strike, Roosevelt continued to attack the monopolies in major industries and create legislation to prevent similar corrupt pursuits. Roosevelt knew the companies thought themselves immune and too wealthy to be controlled by government. He began to charge the companies left and right, which gained much support from the lower classes-earning himself the name, the Trust Buster. Roosevelt passed Acts like The Sherman Anti-trust Act, and repeatedly went after the large companies that controlled too many products. (“The Trust Buster”). Breaking up the big monopolies was important to help improve the jobs of the lower and middle classes. Other notable accomplishments during his presidency were sparking the negotiations to build the Panama Canal and the hundreds of things he did for the National Park System. (“Theodore Roosevelt”). Roosevelt knew what he wanted to accomplish during his time as president and worked relentlessly to complete his work. He wanted to be a fair politician and make everyone happy in his
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