Teddy Roosevelt: The Founder Of The American Superpower

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Teddy Roosevelt: The Founder of the American Superpower In a letter to John Hay, the American Ambassador to the Court of St. James, Teddy Roosevelt said, “Is America a weakling, to shrink from the work of the great world powers? No,” (“Teddy Roosevelt”). In the year of 1901, Roosevelt became the 26th president of the United States after an assassin shot William Mckinley (“Teddy Roosevelt Legacy”). In the quote above, Roosevelt shows his ambition for making the United States a world power. Roosevelt in his political career was known to be progressive and fair minded, and his legacy is centered around bringing the United States into the world stage (Teddy Roosevelt Legacy). At the beginning of his first term, Roosevelt promised to continue the works of the previous president, but he also created many…show more content…
Through Roosevelt, the United States has become one of the strongest nations in the world. Its influence can be seen around the globe with its strong military and economy. Roosevelt's played a part in the building of the Panama canal, the creation of a strong navy, ending big business monopolies in America, and battles for civil rights (Teddy Roosevelt Legacy). His administration laid the foundation for the United States becoming a world power. Teddy Roosevelt’s administration made the United States a world power and increased its global influence with his direction of imperialism, government projects and policies, and his increased military power around the globe. Roosevelt’s administration greatly impacted the nation's global influence with his new direction of imperialism. In the year of 1898, the United
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