Teddy's Real Name: Theodore Roosevelt

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Teddy’s real name was Theodore Roosevelt. He was the 26th president of the United States.Teddy´s family was wealthy because of his dad. When Teddy was a kid he was puny, asthmatic, and couldn 't really see anything in the world until he got thick eyeglasses at the age of 13. He had a weakness and that was shy and fear but he overcame those fears and that 's good because if he was going to be a president he can 't be shy. He was determined to ¨make¨ a powerful body by strenuous exercise and force of will. Teddy Went to Harvard University and he graduated there in 1880. Then he did a year at Columbia University law school from 1880-81. He used his power in a good way. He did not seek another elected office until he won the governorship of New

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