Teen Activism Research Paper

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Teen Activists Hannah Taylor, Alex Scott, and Anne Frank have all changed the world with a simple act of kindness. They wanted to start something that would make people look at the world differently than they already saw it. When these kids changed the world, they didn’t do it by just saying things about what they want to do but they care about doing. These Teen Activists helped change the world with one act of kindness. Hannah Taylor wanted to help stop homeless people, by giving them a place to go. When she was 5 she witnessed one thing that changed her life forever. She saw a man eating out of the garbage and said, “No one should ever eat out of the dumpster,” and she used that to drive her to start a foundation called The Ladybug Foundation. This foundation was founded when Hannah was 8. The Ladybug Foundation was there to help the homeless people have food,…show more content…
Anne Frank was a 16 year old girl who was killed during the time of the Natzis after being betraied. From her over packed diary, Anne changed how people looked at the world. When she was hiding in the annex during the war, her diary was her most prized possession and with that diary, she wrote everything from things she did, to what she wished she did instead of hiding in the annex for the years. She was in the annex with 8 people including her and was packed, one bit of noise would give them away. After the war was over, Anne’s diary was published and written in 67 different languages and over 30 million copies were sold. When she was hiding in the annex, even on the warmest days, she couldn’t go outside and play, so instead she sat down and wrote in her diary. Just from writing in her diary about what it was like in the annex, to not being able to go outside and play, made people look at the world differently than they did before they read her diary. Anne Frank’s diary had changed people’s perspective on how they look at the
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