Teen Activist Characteristics

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What makes a teen activist different from other people? What makes a teen a teen activist? Teen activism is standing up for what you believe in. Malala stated “when the whole world becomes silent even one voice becomes powerful.” Teen activist are like heros. They are determined, brave, they fight for what 's right, and they never back down. They change the world for the better. To be a teen activist you have to find a cause you are passionate about, have determination to help, and be a leader. I think teen activist all possess similar character traits. They are brave, passionate, and they are leaders. For example some teen activist like Malala and Iqbal are brave. Faye Carey and Craig Kielburger are leaders, and Emily Rigal and Alex Lin are…show more content…
One good leader is Craig Kielburger, he is trying to stop child labor. According to staging.wecharity.org “Craig convinced a handful of grade 7 classmates” to join his cause. He worked hard and now “WE charity is an international charity.” He is a leader because he got everyone together and led his cause to being successful. He took charge and was a leader which is why he was able to get others to join and make it an international cause. Faye Carey who is against animal abandonment is another good leader. She helps her cause and still makes time to study, do homework, and get good grades. Newsshub.co.nz describes this saying that Faye 's schedule “can be stressful trying to juggle, because we 've animals at home and school work and chores and everything else but I think it 's easy for me because I 'm quiet dedicated to the puppies and dogs.” This shows she is a leader because she is a role model. She gets everything done and supports a cause in her free time. This paper proves that teen activist poses similar character traits. They are passionate, brave, and leaders. This impacts my life because teen activist are an inspiration to everyone, and anyone could become a teen activist. They are the heros trying to fix our world. Anyone could stand up for what they believe in but not everyone can make a difference doing it. “If there are no heroes to save you than you be the hero.”

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