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Sold. Not enough help. Trying to be stopped. There are a lot of teen activists in the world. From people fighting for girls' education all the way to helping find homes for abandoned dogs. Teen activists overcome obstacles and challenges. A teen activist is someone who wants people to believe the same thing as them and try to change the world. It takes courage and determination to not give up on what you are fighting for to be a teen activist. Also, it’s hard for these activists because groups are trying to stop them; they don’t have enough help; and they could get physically or mentally hurt. Shot. Bullied. Murdered. All three of those things have happened to famous teen activists. For example, Malala Yousafzai was a normal Pakistani girl…show more content…
Alex Libby started wearing a t-shirt that says “I Stand For The Silent” because he wanted people to know that he…show more content…
One example is Alex Lin. In the beginning, he only had a small group of under 15 kids. If he had more kids to help him, he could’ve possibly gotten the law passed the first time. Also, if he gets more help, he could possibly spread the law to the other states in the US faster. Another example is Malala. She knew the Taliban were trying to stop her. If she had more help like bodyguards, she may not have been shot. Also, if she had more help, she could’ve re-opened some of the schools in Pakistan. The third example is Faye Carey, who lives in Waikato, New Zealand. Faye Carey is 20 years old and she helps abandoned dogs find homes. According to www.newshub.co.nz,Faye Carey only has a small local group of people to help her with finding homes for animals. If she had more help, she could find homes for more dogs in New Zealand. If you are going to be a teen activist, you will have to find a decent amount of people to help you so you can succeed in what you are trying to

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