Being A Teen Activist Essay

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Did you know anybody can be a teen activist even if they are healthy or sick? You are probably wondering what a teen activist is. A teen activist are teenagers that overcome many challenges, Stand up for what they believe, and make a difference in life. In this essay you will learn about teenagers that do those things. One reason shows what a teen activist is, they have to overcome many challenges. One example is when a teenage girl named malala, you have probably heard of. She was standing for women's education and rights and the taliban targeted her. The challenge she had to overcome is the taliban shot her in the face at point blank. The bullet went through her head but not into her skull then it went into her shoulder. She survived…show more content…
Malala on the daily show with Jon Stewart she says that, It’s not going to school to learn subjects. Its to teach communication, and lots of other things to live life. This is important because many people don’t understand the importance of education. 32 million girls don’t get educated. We need to realize this because there is a lot of things women and girls do that we need that men can’t do. According to a video on ABC news Malala says, I have the right of education and lots of other things. This is important because she is speaking up for whatever she wants and doesn't care what anybody else says Another teen activists Alex Lin. He taking action by stopping the dumping of e-waste. This is important because if we didn’t realize what e-waste will do our environment will be bad because all of the e-waste is getting into the air, water, and food. The last one is Craig Kielburger. He takes action to stop child labor and give them access to the five key pillars because of his charity WE charity. WE has popped up all around the world. Child labor/slaves happens around the world. Children should not have to do labor when they are young. These activist show teen activist take action for a certain
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