Teen Activists: Can Teens Change The World?

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Can Teens Change The World? “Young people, all to often, find their interests overlooked and their voices ignored,” is a quote from Mo Ibrahim. This explains that in yesterday’s society we had little notice of our voices that create change in today’s society. In the world’s society, we have teenagers stand up and fight for what they want. It is not like past times when we had no say in anything until adulthood. But, now we have voices that create change all around us. The ones’ that take the risk and jump for solution are called Teen Activists. They’re making change as if it was a videogame that you’re determined to get to the next level. They keep trying no matter hard it can be and they will keep on going until there is solution. Teen Activists take risks by fighting for what they want no matter what, by being determined and standing up to make a difference, by always being able to willingly help others and by realizing the challenge they will have to overcome to do so. They speak where and when others won’t. The cause of taking this risk is leaving behind legacies for many years to come. The Fight Teen activists take the risk of fighting for what they think will cause betterment. Even if their dishonored and hunted for doing so. One of these many teen activists was Iqbal Masih, a former…show more content…
The events that took place in Iqbal’s life that show these traits are crucial to teen activism. One of them is that he went back to Pakistan to take full action in eliminating child at the source of the problem’s uprising. Even though he knew he was being hunted, he went back anyway and not only that he wasn’t with protection, he was literally out in public. The second event was that he had helped over 3000 kids escape child labor with BLLF during the year of his escape, .before his stardom and

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