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Teen activists work hard and long for what they believe is right. But most of the time they can’t do it alone. Teen activists get help in a lot of different ways. Getting help by a parent is one way. Another way to get help is from other kids. Here are a couple teen activists that get help from these people.

Some teen activists get help from adults. For example, Malala Yousafzai gets lots of her help and her courage from her father. Her father manages the Malala fund, and he manages her speakings/interviews. In a way he is her manager. When Jon Stewart interviewed Malala he said, “ I know your father is backstage and is very proud of you, but do you think he would mind if I adopted you.” Thus we can say that Malala’s father is backstage cheering her on giving her courage. Plus, when the
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A way Alex gets service from other kids is he has an e-waste recycling team. His team has other kids on it. They helped him carry recycled e-waste and they helped gather e-waste. Therefore, he gets support from other kids. Also, when he set out to get a bill passed, he had his team right by his side giving him courage and strength. They helped him explain why the bill should be passed and they assisted by working the PowerPoint. Plus, when they refurbished computers his team helped, and they helped when they worked to create 7 media centers. These reasons create a fact that Alex Lin gets help from other kids.

In conclusion, teen activists obtain all kinds of help, but they aren’t always the same. Some from adults, and some form other kids. It isn’t lousy that they receive help because they might truly need it. Also, just because they get help doesn’t compose that they are a fraud or a cheat. It makes them smart for getting help when they needed it. So consider this, if you get help do you truly need it, or are just trying to get a shortcut. There is no honor in cheating, but there is pride for

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