Teen Anxiety

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Teens Get Stressed Too Adults often believe that teens do not have much to be stressed about. Teenagers do indeed have a lot on their plate. Dealing with school, a job, school work, working towards getting their permit/license, sports, even things at home, teenagers tend to be extremely stressed. A majority of teenagers suffer from anxiety and depression from all of the pressure put on them. Many parents believe that teenagers attend school and just go there to sit and take notes, when in reality there is so much more to education than taking notes. Most students are often busy throughout the entire day. Teenagers never really get a break from life. It is clear to understand that stress is a horrible yet common thing teenagers deal with now a days. Having so much to deal with at such a young age truly is hard. Most teens do not realize things like anxiety that they might be dealing with. Students especially often get submerged with something that might not be that big and make it bigger than it should be. For example, something as simple as a research paper can turn into days of stress and worry for a student. It is clear that teenagers have these issues since, “The report warns that teens are at risk of a variety of physical and emotional ills” (Jayson np). We can also learn that things like stress, anxiety and depression can start at an early age, “Our study this year gives us a window in looking at how early these patterns might begin” (Anderson qtd. in Jayson np).

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