Teen Classivism In Alex Lin, Teenage Activism?

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Teen activism “I don’t see anything uncommon in it,” states Alex Lin a former teen activist. Teen activists, who are they, what do they stand for ,and what does it take to become one? Teen activists make a big difference in this world, they devote time and energy to helping others a they don’t let challenges get in their way ,they stand up for what they believe in, and they encourage others to do so. All it takes to become one is lots of determination and a voice and the bravery to stand up! Alex Lin! Who is Alex Lin? According to take part T.V, in 2004 9 year Alex Lin from Westerly, Rhode Island, came across an article about e- waste (electronic waste). It described the dangers of e-waste, and the toxic waste found in electronics, and right then and there he decided he wanted to change something he wanted to make a difference, he wanted to stop the dumping of e-waste. E-Waste Based on the article “Alex Lin, Teenage Activist”, by take part, e-waste is electronic waste , therefore if you throw away your old phone T.V, computer, etc, it becomes e-waste. In Alex’s interview with Take part , he states, “When improperly disposed of electronics, dumping, burning, etc.—these chemicals can seep into the surrounding environment, harming humans, crops, and ecosystems," Alex states. WIN Also according to take part T.V, to try to stop the dumping of e-waste, Alex founded a group called WIN (Westerly Innovations Network). WIN shared the same passions as Alex, so they also

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