Teen Curfew Arguments

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In today 's society, teenagers have the opportunity to get into a lot of trouble. Many teens have to cope with the temptation of doing drugs and joining gangs; however, a curfew will not stop them. Teenagers already do many illegal things, showing a blatant disregard for the laws already implemented. Setting a curfew in place will not reduce the trouble teens get into; it will just be another law that teenagers break. Many people would argue that implementing a curfew will eliminate all of the temptations teenagers have to face. In reality, however, there are many ways in which teenagers already break laws: abusing drugs, speeding, drinking alcohol, and even driving without a license. If teenagers are already breaking all of these, they will just find a way around the curfew as…show more content…
Additionally, a curfew would be to restrict teens from doing illegal activities after those times. This logic is flawed, however, because if they are already showing an apathetic attitude about the laws they are breaking, they won 't care about breaking the curfew law either. Another argument for the implementation of curfews is that curfews would encourage teenagers to go to bed earlier, so that they are more rested for school the next day. Although a nice thought, teenagers will go to bed at whatever time they want, whether they are out of the house or not. With the technology we have today, two friends can just get into a video call, and have it be just like being in
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