Causes Of Depression Among Teenagers Essay

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Teenagers nowadays suffer from depression too often. The world manipulates peoples minds into believing things that are not true. This creates a set image that a teen must follow in order to be ‘cool’ or ‘one of the gang’ and if teens do not achieve this status they feel they have failed therefore they get involved with cutting, drugs, alcohol, non protective sex and the worst… suicide.
Teens around the world are increasingly inflicting pain onto themselves like cutting, belimia etc. This form of self destructive behaviour doesn’t always lead to death. You can seek help but many don’t and when there is a constant build up of pain and more cutting takes place. One contracts infections and if it is not an infection teens seek more and more pain. In the end leading to
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Teens text constantly and if they are in a car there is no difference they will continue to text. Therefore teenagers become a hazard on the road causing many accidents and in the process killing them.
Causes- teenagers on the road fly past other cars in the suburbs at ridiculous speeds. This does not happen that often if the teenager is alone in the car. The main cause for teenagers driving fast and becoming aggressive on the road is due to their peers. Their peers inflict so much pressure on them they feel they need to impress them. If that means going fast or swearing at innocent people to show their dominance on the road.
• Impact- driving fast and texting behind the wheel can lead to fatal injuries. Teenagers do not have the driving experience to drive fast this in the end ends up with the driver losing control and then crashing the car inflicting harm to himself and others and more than likely death at high speed. Texting allows the teenager to get distracted from what is at hand inevitably losing control of the car and
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