Teen Driving: The Dangers Of Texting And Driving

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Imagine being a parent letting their teen driver go to a friends house and that teen forgot to text her friend that she was on her way over, and gets in the car starts driving and decides to finally text her friend she’s on her way but, because that teen was an inexperienced driver she wrecks and never makes it her friends. Imagine how the parent and the friend feel. Sending a text should never be more important than a person’s safety. In today’s society technology is taking over the world. As humans are attached to our phones and it’s getting extremely dangerous. According to DMV.org, Texting and driving is one of the leading causes of death for teenagers. Texting and driving overall is extremely dangerous but especially as a teen. Teen drivers are inexperienced, teens are also the most attached to technology than any other generation. It’s extremely easy for a teen to look away from the road for five seconds to send a text to their friend saying that they are on their way, but what’s not easy is being the friend on the other side of the phone receiving the text, but their friend never makes it to their house because they got into a car accident, and either died or have severe injuries because in that moment sending the text was more important than arriving to the friends house safely. Even if a person isn’t replying to a text they received but just casually glancing to look at their phone to read the text they received is just as deadly as if they were replying

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