Cause And Effect Essay About Texting And Driving

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Did you know that eleven teenagers die everyday due to car accidents involving texting and driving? In the world of advanced technology we live in today, many convenient ways of communication are available to the public. Some of these ways, such as texting, are being misused and abused all the time. Teenagers spend far too much of their time staring at a screen. Consequently, texting is causing; car accidents, poor grammar and punctuation, and face to face social interactions are diminishing. People throughout the world should lessen the amount they text, otherwise problems that we didn’t even know of are going to emerge. Over the years, the number of car accidents caused by texting has skyrocketed. According to Teen Drivers Cell Phone Statistics, eleven teenagers die each day because of texting and driving. Notwithstanding this bit of information, the issue is still continuing to grow. Texting and driving causes 330,000 injuries every year, which is a dangerously high number. The AAA Poll states that 94% of teens know that texting and driving is dangerous, 35% do it anyway, and 21% of teen drivers that get in serious car accidents were on their phones. Almost all teenagers are aware of the harm caused by texting and driving, but still do it.. The “21st Century Epidemic” is texting and driving…show more content…
Although there are many ways of online communication, texting is the most commonly used and abused. Teenagers are becoming too attached to texting and don’t recognize the ways that they are slowly being affected by texting too often. Car wrecks happen every day because of drivers, specifically teenagers, who are too busy texting to watch the road. Grammar continues to go downhill, and face to face social interactions are becoming less popular. If people would take their eyes off of their phones and stop texting, they might realize that life is too good to waste their time
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