An Essay About Gender Identity

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In a world full of demands and expectations, teens are still grasping for the answer on the question, “Who am I?”. Teenage years are full of confusion since the youths are still at the stage of finding their true selves and the need to prove themselves to other people. Raging hormones, peer and sometimes family pressure, and fear to be different and wanting to fit in can cause the teenagers to doubt themselves in most aspects, including their gender identity and sexual orientation. GENDER IDENTITY AND SEXUAL CONCERNS Gender identity, as mentioned in the previous lesson refers to how the person perceives him/herself, either as a boy or a girl, based on his/her biological sex. However, for some people, the gender identity does not match his/her physical body. Their…show more content…
A person does not need to be a virgin to abstain from sexual deed. Even if a person already has sexual experience, he/she can still choose to abstain from sex and wait for the time to be physically active again. Abstinence has a lot of benefits. Some of these are given below: • Abstinence prevents pregnancy and the cost and side effects of contraceptives or other means of birth control. If two people do not engage in sex, fertilization will not happen. The sperm of a male will not meet the female’s egg cell, thus, pregnancy will be avoided. Although the use of artificial methods like condom or pills also prevent pregnancy, abstinence is safer because it is 100% guaranteed to avoid pregnancy. • Abstinence prevents the risk of acquiring STDs or Sexually Transmitted Disease, HIV, and AIDS. Since there is no penetration nor sexual acts performed, no reason to have STD, HIV and AIDS. • Abstinence can help prevent the teen’s physical, emotional and psychological repercussions of engaging in early sexual activity especially if the relationship does not last long. • Abstinence maintains the person’s self-respect, self-discipline, and good
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