Bottle Blondes Do Not Have More Fun: Song Analysis

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Maria Strauss Professor Chad Brodbeck ENC 1101 16 September 2014 Bottle Blondes Do Not Have More Fun Problems with mental health and self image are hard, and this song can relate. “Teen Idle”,which revolves around the idea that the solution to depression and unhappiness can only be perfection, may be identifiable to those who have had similar experiences in the past or are struggling with it now. It brings back memories of my own experiences of acting bubbly and being fake, when what I actually felt was conned and angry at the world. I yearned to go out and make mistakes. Characterized throughout the progression of the song, you can find my world view regarding beautiful youth and straying from negativity. Besides being catchy, “Teen Idle” contains powerful lyrics that portray a clear message regarding the mental suffering and desolation that accompanies the feeling of wasted youth. In “Teen Idle”, the ideal road to popularity and being more attractive is to be a bottle-blonde and to be pure, and the song references being conned out of a beautiful youth. In the song, beautiful youth is also…show more content…
I also know feeling conned too well, I similarly felt that other people had better luck when it came to life, and that something in my life was missing. “I wanna be a virgin pure/I wanna drink until I ache/ I'm gonna puke it anyway” Marina Diamandis covers all of the bases when it comes to the different stages you feel when you go through such a rocky moment in your life, and all of the different highs and lows. I can even find the title, “Teen Idle” relatable, in the different spelling of “Idol” which was done on purpose to indicate the time spent doing nothing, and I relate to feeling like my earlier youth was unfulfilling, and still not doing all of the things I could
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