Why Do Parents Bring Children Into Poverty?

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Imagine waking up on a cold floor with one thought in mind for the day, “ how am I going to get food?” Arguably, people who live in poverty who are only worried about food are the lucky ones because they actually have a roof over their heads and are not sleeping on the streets. Living in poverty means that their families have no or very little income and have trouble buying food or even having a place to live. Twenty-One percent of kids in the United States, live in poverty and Ninety-Two percent of that Twenty-One percent will stay there until they are out of their teenage years.(Skinner, 2018 para 6) When teens grow up in poverty, it can have a huge affect on the rest of their life. Statistically, for a teen, living in poverty can have devastating effects, especially if they are black. There are a few reasons why children are dealing with poverty. Sixty-Five percent of black children live in low income families(Skinner,2018 para 8) and only thirty percent of white children live in low income families(Burger,2016 para 9). On paper it seems like black families have less money…show more content…
The effect of parents bringing kids into poverty are endless because there are endless reasons why people are in poverty. 13.4 percent of children were born into poverty which means there is a higher percentage of kids that were not born into it but are now in it(Breslow,2018 para 9). Kids do not make money or if they are old enough to get a job they still don't pay all the bills or have to provide for other people. The parents are the main source of income for these kids in poverty, it does not mean it was their fault because they could have lost their jobs or have been in poverty for their entire lives. There are parents who are at fault because of their drug addiction, lack of managing money, or because they do not consider their kids in their
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