Teen Activist Chapter Summaries

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Chapter 1 Teen Activists All teen activists such as Alex Lin Malala and Iqbal work to help make a world a better place.That might take months or even years. We know that's a long time! Teen Activists also face challenges like,they cannot spread the word to others, they have many people stand in there way,and the reason activists do these things even though it puts there life at risk is because they want to help in ways they can. According to (Youth Activists Project), “nearly half of the world population is underage 18. Young adults between comprise 20% of the U.S population” That how many of us can make a difference in younger kids life and activists don’t even have to be teens they can be any age. Some Activists can not spread the word to many places throughout the …show more content…

Alex lin tried so hard to get rid of pollution so it won't damage the earth. He also wants to get rid of it so we won't have global warming,sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, human health it can also cause death to some animals in the wild life and last it can cause lung cancer and we know that today is very bad. So this is how alex lin is putting his life at risk and his friends life to try and save his community and a lot of other people. This also shows that alex lin was brave. The reason why he put his life at risk was because he knew that a lot of people needed his help so he wanted to get rid of e-waste as fast as possible. He also knew that not only the people were his friends and family were to so he knew he couldn't let them down and knew he had to do something as fast as possible. He also knew that if he listened to the government a lot of people would have died so he stuck to his plan without anyone telling him what to do and did his job. He also knew that a lot of kids were out there and he didn’t want their lungs to be

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