Teen Suicide Article Summary

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The article, “Teen Suicide Clusters in Palo Alto: is the Media Attention to Blame” by Story Hinckley discusses the media’s attention towards suicidal events and how their coverage could be the cause of more teens taking their lives. Stanford University witnessed their first suicidal cluster between 2009 and 2010 when six teens took their own lives. Between the months of October, 2014 and March of 2015, four more students took their lives as well. It would appear that suicides that happen later in time can be influenced by the ones that happened due to the ideas to those kids did to achieve that goal. These suicides that are mimicked later in time are considered to be copycats mainly because students are using previous attempt ideas as explained in the media to end their own life. In the attempt of stopping future suicides, multiple measures have been taken such as: Prevention of broadcasting these incidents on the news or over media, instead of talking about suicides, experts suggest the media moves onto a positive note and share the stories of people who have been saved from this fate, and a section of the school 's newspaper was used as an outlet for students…show more content…
Specialist determined that a frank approach to this subject can provide those certain students with a sense of support and comfort. Schools typically fear that a discussion about suicide could tempt students to commit suicide themselves; but their worry is misplaced, instead of fearing the discussion, schools should comfort and support their students after a school mate 's death. With all the suicides that get reported, somewhere between 1 and 5 percent of these suicides are copycat incidents. It would seem that young adults are extremely vulnerable to this even if they had no relation with one
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