Teen Suicide Essay

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Suicide, from the Latin word “suicidium” which means “to kill oneself”. Suicide is one of the growing problems all over the world. Every day about 105 people take their own life in America, and that’s about one person every 137 minute, and 1 million people every year all over the world. Most used ways to commit suicide today is by firearm, suffocation (drowning or hanging) or by poison (painkillers and etc.) Studies show that 90% of people who have committed suicide, have a diagnosable and treatable psychiatric disorder at the time of their death. Today, many teenagers have thoughts about death every day, and many teenagers have a tendency to get depressed easily, and this is where suicide often is the “easy way out”. But suicide attempts are often also just a cry for help, because studies show that many teens who have died by suicide have done up to 25 suicide attempts before “finally” taking their own life. Many teenagers often use suicide attempts to cry for help. Many often just take just the “right” amount of pills to get in the hospital, but not enough to so it becomes deadly, and this is can get very dangerous. There are many reasons why teenagers commit suicide. Maybe they aren’t happy at home, bullied at school, or it’s just like Hannah Baker in the book we’ve been reading, it’s the snowball effect. Thirteen Reasons Why – Hannah’s story

The snowball effect. That’s what Hannah called it. It is when like a small snowball rolling down a hill – picking up more snow
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