Teen Suicides Among Teens

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Suicide is no longer an unfamiliar event among teenagers in this modernistic world. Suicide means ending someone’s own lives to escape pain and suffering. Nowadays, we hear of teen’s suicides so often from the news, reflecting that the rate of teen’s suicides is growing tremendously. The Health Ministry has identified that those who aged between 16 and 25 are at a higher risk commit suicides. It is important to recognize the possible reasons behind the escalating rate of teen suicides in order to help them. The scope for the reasons is wide. Once possible triggers of teen suicides are determined, actions targeting them should be implemented to lower the suicidal thoughts among teenagers. One of the risk factors that contribute to suicides is stressful examinations…show more content…
Adolescents spend most of their time in school; they study and join extracurricular activities in school. School staff should create an environment which is safe for students to share information. Teacher should encourage their students to participate in different kinds of co-curriculum activities such as “Health-Run”. So that, they can achieve balanced healthy lifestyle meanwhile they can improve study performance, improve level of wellness and extend their circles of friends. Besides, principal can organize talks, seminars regarding how to cope with stress for students. School staff must be watchful with the signs of suicidal symptoms among students, for example student cannot concentrate while teachers are teaching and acting anxious and agitated to talk to others. If a student has mental disorder he will have the feelings of guilt and anger thus educators must avoid blaming them if they do wrong. Educators can help to monitor and supervise them constantly. Relationship between school and parents or guardians should be connected; they can conduct parents’ education and outreach programs about how to help the teens with mental

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