Smartphone Should Be Banned In Schools Essay

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You’re sitting in your bedroom working on algebra homework; your phone lays on the nightstand and your laptop is open to a textbook. Drake raps through your Bluetooth speaker when suddenly your phone begins to buzz and ring. You snatch your phone off of the nightstand and see that your girlfriend has posted a selfie on her Instagram page. Suddenly you’re off track, and it will take minutes for you to regain focus. This extremely typical scenario is all-too familiar to the average teen, and reflects the idea that technology is negatively affecting millions of global citizens. To aid in the battle against teenage technology addiction, schools should participate in the national “Shut Down Your Screen Week” to make students more aware of technology’s negative impacts on social lives, the distractions it causes, and the effects it has on students’ focus and productivity levels. When it comes to the downsides of technology, perhaps the most substantial consequence is the lasting impact it can have on teenagers’ social lives. The Associated Press says, “[Teens] are so emotionally connected to…show more content…
The Associated Press states that “... only 47% of heavy smart-device users earned C’s or lower on their report cards, and only 23% of light social media users earned C’s or lower” (A.P. 1). It is true that less than half of these constant users have failed classes on their report card; however, these millions of failing students are only failing because technology is stopping them. Every student has the potential to thrive and earn acceptable grades, but their smartphones prohibit them from doing so. These students that are being mentally slowed down by technology could go on to become scientists, engineers, writers, or even mathematicians, but today’s electronic devices are stopping them from accomplishing
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