Teen Trends In Thailand

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Nowadays, Thai teenager interest in the various trends whether it be sport, fashion, music or else. It is made them favor and follow trends. We think that around ten years lately. The most trends from foreign countries have influenced in Thailand mostly such as from America, Japan, and Korea. These countries are very famous in many trends. America is famous the overall trends in the world because of a great power country. The most people know that a point because it is very general. But the trends of Japan and Korea are very famous too. The most teenager called “Japanese Wave” and “Korean Wave”. They spread in Asia, Europe and America. They can make teenagers favor and follow them. In Thailand, this trends are very well-known. Teenagers would…show more content…
One of the tools is Social Network service. Social network service is a very important tool because people in the world can talk, sell, exchange and connect in worldwide. It can use for many functions for example, when people want to talk, they will use social network services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Line. Korea wave is expanding widely and rapidly because it is used by social network service as well for promoting Korean entertainment. Especially, teenager is a group of people that favor Korean wave easily. In the past of Thailand, in 1970, Japanese wave in Thailand was very popular. Thai people were blended by the process “Japanization”. Noriyuki Suzuki (2009) said, “Thailand has been significantly influenced by Japan through Globalization process. At present, not only Japanese economy, but also Japanese culture has started to have a deep impact on Thai society, and we can arguably witness the process of “Japanization” in Thailand.” It is understood that Japanese wave in Thailand is continuing at the present. But It would not spread out for the most people. It made Japanese wave expand in Thailand slower because in a period of that time did not have the internet to access data and news. In 2010 until now in Thailand, Korean wave is very popular because Korean promoting spreads out through teenager that access on the internet and social networking service frequently such as Facebook, Twitter,…show more content…
Japanese wave can spread in other countries but some trends of Japanese wave is probably not spreading such as Japanese music and Japanese artists. It is different from Korean wave that is expanding more than Japanese wave by Social network service (SNS). It influences in a target group as teenagers in this era so much because it is spreading widely and rapidly. It is possible that the most of teenagers will favor Korean wave more than Japanese

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