Teen Wolf Mythology Analysis

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Mythology in a TV Show?

Everyone has their own favorite television show and, for me, there is only one show that can hold that spot and it is Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf is a supernatural drama and first aired in 2011 on MTV. I remember because I was 14 years old and my parents said I could not watch it because it would give me nightmares and it was too ghoulish. I eventually persuaded my parents to let me watch it; however, I sometimes think that they were right. The show can be pretty creepy. The show stars actor Tyler Posey and his character's name on the show is Scott McCall, an awkward teenager with asthma who attends Beacon Hills High School which is located in fictional Beacon Hills, California. Scott turns into a supernatural werewolf after
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I worked hard to perfect my skills and I evolved into a pretty good athlete. At first, Scott's new supernatural powers scared him. He often would wonder if he was an alpha werewolf or just simply a monster. He even tried to cure himself but, as the show evolved, Scott embraced his new found powers and used his abilities for good by protecting his family and his friend from outside threats and supernatural forces. Teen Wolf is a show where in every episode there will be a surprise or a shocking moment. The visual and special effects are out of this world, very dramatic. When it comes to the visuals, there is just no other television show that can compare to Teen Wolf.

So what makes Teen Wolf so good? In my opinion, the writers of this show are genius. The show has theater quality effects, but it's not a movie, it's made for TV, bonus! The world of Teen Wolf is a very large universe and it often increases in size which maintains the excitement of watching the series. It's a universe where hunters are in constant competition against the wolves and Scott and his friends are caught in the middle. The writers keep you on the edge of your seat by holding your focus. The writers accomplish this major feat by always introducing new and
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