Teenage Abuse Among Teenagers

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Teenagers who are abused seems like it’s not a big thing but you can be surprised on how much it can affect them as a person and how it can contribute to their behaviour and also how it can turn them as a person. There are many ways that teenagers can get abused. Teenagers can get abused Physically, Emotionally, Sexually and they could be neglected. But whatever abuse it is, the effect on the family can be bad. Teenagers might seem to be grown up in many way but not all teenagers can cope with abuse very well. Even if there might seem like there’s a lot of advice and help that can be given to these abused teenagers, but there’s just so many teenagers just don’t know how to get in touch with people who can help them or they are too scared to actually ask someone or even if they do know who to talk to, they might be scared that the person might go tell everyone else so basically they don’t trust anyone therefore that is not good because that could lead to things like stress, depression, anger and many other things. Aims: Determine which type of abuse teenagers are mostly abused with and whether males or females are abuse more. Hypothesis: Teenagers are mostly abused emotionally and females are abused more than males. Scope of research: The primary research will be based on about 200 students (boys and girls) in the local high schools. Introduction: Child/teenage abuse can be referred to as the mistreatment of a child. Children can be abused by any adult (including

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