Teenage Depression Among Teens

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The urge to rest passively and end everything that burdens oneself are overwhelming as the fast pace of metropolitan life requires people to push themselves and deal with the other humankind. To live in ranges of commodities and products of technological progress means not only to exist biologically or just to be an object called human, but also to cope with hardship, interact, and sustain psychological pressure. The process of living in this world itself can become a threat of depression. Depression has become one of the most widespread feeling of severe dejection among teenagers, which can be further explained by the following criteria: Family condition, abuse and sensitive over changes.

One of the most common causes of depression among teenagers is the family condition. Teenagers that grow up with financial problem is often associated with having parents that do not have a well-paid job and lower wages and salaries. In addition, living in hardship may cause the teenager to over thinking, have poor academic performance and act much more mature than
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Changes in body’s balance of hormones may be involved in causing triggering depression among teenagers. However, once they turn into teenager, they will start to learn new ways of how to navigate a complex and unsettling world of social interaction. For instance, popularity among themselves is one of the important issues for them, so lack in popularity might upset them. Other than that, changes in academic such as new classes, new subject and tests can cause them to become depressed, especially if they’re expected to excel at all costs or are beginning to struggle with their course load. Hence, teenagers that have poor cognitive and motivation as they grow up tend to feel helpless and mostly give up rather than to feel capable of finding solution for life’s

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