Anxiety In Teens

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Harsh Feelings
What is anxiety and depression in teens?
Anxiety and depression can be a sensitive topic to discuss especially with teenagers. Everyday, many teens dread waking up in the morning to go to school. Being a teenager is not easy as most will say. Juggling with school, friends, family, planning for the future, sports, and maybe even having a job can be a lot of weight to carry on someone's shoulders. Sometimes teens feel that adults do not understand how they are feeling. Yes the adult will say, “I have experienced what you are experiencing” but they sometimes forget that this is a different time and generation.
In an article from TIME magazine, it advises parents to go into deeper conversation with their teen instead of having basic
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Meditation/mindfulness reminds teens that there is a way to get instant gratification when it comes to stress, pain, and anxiety which exists right in front of their faces. It shows them that they are indeed special, which is a key factor for change when someone is covered in a cloud of depression. And, this is not in the traditional way that modern society expresses it via social media. Everyone is unique; everyone brings something important and sacred into this world. Meditation guides young people with depth and truth to their self-worth. And, when this happens, they become more connected and aware of what’s going on around them with society. It teaches young people to look at their anxiety/depression not with anger or remorse but as a reason to seek help.. For depression, it allows a young person to find that piece within them that seems to be missing or has a hole. What they fill it with will be different for each individual” (Eden Kozlowski). Everyone needs a mental break at some point from our daily lives to our hectic afternoons. Clearing the fog in our minds is essential to our health. Internalizing feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression creates a larger problem. Which means, deeper feelings of depression. Depression is a serious issue that should not be ignored. When ignored, tragedy strikes. If any of our peers seem to be suffering from anxiety and depression, take action. Seek help if needed. Do research about your symptoms. Taking action can potentially save someone's
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