Teenage Life: The Influence Of Friendships In High School

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“High school has taught me more life lessons than actual education”- unknown, I feel like this quote about high school is very true because high school not only teaches about math, english and so on, it can teach you about friendships, who you should surround yourself with and the ones that might need to be cut out of your life entirely. Teenage life can also teach you about how important your education is even if it is difficult to get and to never let anything get in your way of it and your happiness. Friendships are sometimes a hard thing for teenagers including me because i never know if its someone i can trust or if it 's actually a real friend. I dont really share anything important with people unless i really know i can trust them, like my twin sister i trust her a lot and we share everything together because, of course we are are the same age so we have the same friends and go through kind of the same things at the same time so we are always there for eachother and have been since day one. So if she need help or support on something im there for her and if i need it she is there for me. I usually make friends through my sister because she just more of a talker and she can make friends easy im not to well at it though, but most of my friends i have either known for awhile or i have just meet them this year but i feel like i can trust almost all of them and they are fun people to be around. When coming to high school many people told me you wont keep your old

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