Teenage Magazine Stereotypes

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The stereotypes of teenage girls through Magazines

Media is a part of our everyday lives we tend to scan it, see it, watch it and absorb it into our minds constantly. The majorities of teenage girls across the world are influenced by what the media say 's and publishes. In today’s world, magazines key target is advertising secure products. Teenage magazines are associated with tactical fashion and beauty tips that include many images of beautiful girls to persuade teenage girls to purchase the products they are advertising. Just look at this magazine cover of the popular Teen Vogue where it characterizes classical representations of adolescent girls. This cover publishes the Kardashian stepsisters to the reality show KUWTK, sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. These girls are indulging in a very wealthy lifestyle and have what practically any typical teenage girl only dreams of having. They are both slim and typically pretty with straight shiny hair and have perfect, glowing skin and are both wearing barely any makeup. They have what is classified as the natural beauty look. However how are we meant to know as merely viewers of a magazine cover, how much of this natural beauty is real? Publicizing images such as these on teen magazine covers can ultimately cause teenage girls question their bodies or take into account their interpretation the differences of their facial features compared to that of the magazine models. Teenage girls religiously follow the directions in which
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