Teenage Parents

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Becoming a teenager or adolescent can be one of the most hardest things that can happen in someones life. Someone can go from being a shy person thats all into themselves, to an hyperactive person that emotions can go all over the place. As a parent what do you do when your child thats been your baby your whole changes to a teenager? The best way to parent your child effectively is to adapt your parenting child to your childs needs. According to Bigner, teenagers are concerned about individuating or establshing indepencde from their parents and other adults. As a parent you want to help your child devolp that interdepence for them and should help them by having them get a part time job, giving them more resposniblites, and helping them mature in a postive way. Fearful of being rekjeected was the first things that was on my mind entering high school. In high school people tend to go to different clicks and groups were you would only be able to join if you were seen in their eyes as acceptable. When I got to high school my frreshman my social life was under the water since I was a shy quit person. When everyone had their friends and people that they would hangout with, I had my self and books to read. I knew who were the cool people and who were the outsiders and I was labeled as an outsider. One story that I remeber was at lunch time I wanted to sit down at this table with one of my friends. There I was told that I couldn’t sit their since I was not cool enough, I got up and
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