Becoming A Teenager

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Becoming a teenager or adolescent can be one of the most hardest things that can happen in someones life. Someone can go from being a shy person thats all into themselves, to an hyperactive person that emotions can go all over the place. As a parent what do you do when your child thats been your baby your whole changes to a teenager? The best way to parent your child effectively is to adapt your parenting child to your childs needs. According to Bigner, teenagers are concerned about individuating or establshing indepencde from their parents and other adults. As a parent you want to help your child devolp that interdepence for them and should help them by having them get a part time job, giving them more resposniblites, and helping them mature…show more content…
What a parent can do is have the sex talk with thier children before they engage. It is always better to talk to them and tell them the whole truth rather then go around the bush with the converstaion. When I was in the seventh grade my mother gave me the sex talk and she showed me how to use a condom by demesstraitng on a bottle of coke. This was effective because when I did have sexual intercourse I knew how to be prepared and use the tools the right way. Going around school drugs were a major problem during high school. As a teenager I was interested in knowing what the drugs were and what effects they ould have on my body but, my mother being the good mother she was warned me about all the negative problems that they could do. So I never gave into my curousity since I knew the potenial outcomes of my descions. Overall the way that parents should teach their adolescents in a way that the teenagers can feel respected but independt as well. If you do the best you can to lead your children the right way then more than liekly they will follow you.”it is good to know that most adolescents share their parents ' values, and most prefer to talk about conflict rather than use outright anger and rejection to resolve a problem.”(Parenting Realsionships). The best thing is to talk to your child, if you have any problems communicaton is the key to
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