Teenage Parents: The Influence Of Becoming Teenage Mothers

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In the society we live in today, everything is more complicated than it really should be. Everyone looks and feels different towards everything, creating their own perspective, therefore, judging based upon their own beliefs. Consequently, making society a little overwhelming. A huge factor that the majority of people genuinely struggle with, is identity. With pressure coming from family, peers, and society, a lot of people don 't know who to be. To top it all off, society puts certain stereotypes on us. Despite the stereotypes, we should be the only ones who decide who we are and who we become. As a young mother having had a teenage pregnancy, the stereotypes put on me as a teenage mom, were very denigrating. I personally didn’t limit myself…show more content…
This is obviously not always the case. Becoming teen parents can sometimes be an irresponsible act because the pregnancies are not always planned. Therefore, I can see and understand why people may come to the conclusion of thinking that teen moms are too young to care for their babies. Myself and many other teen moms are living proof of this idea being completely wrong. Becoming parents at whatever age is an an enormous responsibility. I was not ready to become a parent at such a young age. However, I made sure to educate myself for this new journey of becoming a mom. I was offered parenting classes that I attended, as well as reading books and reading online about everything that I can possibly learn about being a mom and how to take care of a baby. I took the initiative to prepare myself to be the best mom that I could be to my son. It was until I had my son in my arms that I realize the huge responsibility that came with being a mom and how important my role as a mom really is. We all decide how serious we take our role as parents. Anyone at whatever age has the choice to take proper care of a baby. There are a lot of resources and no excuse to do so. My son is now three, and I am extremely proud of the little man my baby is, and he’s just three. The dedication I have put into making sure my son is happy and healthy is shown on the boy my son is. I have proudly proven…show more content…
Teen moms have been said not to amount to anything. I am living proof alongside other mommies that this is outrageously false. Once again, it 's on the individual to become who they want to become. My son is my biggest motivation. Everything I do and have been doing the fast few years is completely for my son. My main objective is to providing for my son while making sure he has everything and anything to be happy, healthy, and successful, . Im ambitious just like many other young moms that dream of the greatest and work for the best for ourselves and our children. I 'm currently a full time college student, full time mom and a part time employee. I get up every morning mentally and physically preparing myself for a busy day. A busy day in which I have no time to give up or to complain. It’s not easy, to leave my baby at home while I go out into the word doing everything to make sure he has everything. With dedication and sacrifices anything and everything is possible. Especially when it 's for the most beautiful and precious person,

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